Usafi Greens based in Kakuma Wins Ashden Award for Empowering Displaced People with Clean Energy

Usafi Greens based in Kakuma Wins Ashden Award for Empowering Displaced People with Clean Energy

Usafi Greens, a Kenyan company that manufactures and provides affordable, low-carbon cookstoves to those living in the Kakuma Refugee Camp, has been recognized for its transformative efforts with a prestigious 2023 Ashden Award. This award spotlights Usafi’s commitment to offering clean energy solutions that enhance health and create local job opportunities.

Africa stood out as a leader in driving environmental change at this year’s awards, with 4 out of 5 Global South winners hailing from the continent. These innovators are tackling critical climate challenges through clean energy, sustainable agriculture, and natural resource management.

Other lauded organizations include:

  • CERAF-Nord (Cameroon): Empowering communities in the north of Cameroon to restore degraded land through agroforestry and beekeeping.
  • Burasolutions Solar Academy (Nigeria): Equipping women and marginalized individuals with skills for entering the clean energy workforce.
  • Power for All (Uganda): Bringing sustainable energy solutions to underserved communities through the Utilities 2.0 Twaake project.

Husk Power Systems received a special recognition for its outstanding achievement in expanding community solar minigrids across Africa and Asia. Their success highlights the potential impact of supporting clean energy pioneers.

Collectives for Integrated Livelihoods Initiatives (Clnl) from India was also recognized for its work empowering women in marginalized communities to improve their lives through clean energy solutions.

Ashden Awards provide winners with grants, international recognition, and connections to investors and partners, amplifying their impact.

Ashok Sinha, CEO of Ashden, emphasized the need for greater support for such initiatives: “These brilliant solutions need serious backing from policymakers and investors. The Global South is still waiting for promised climate finance. It’s vital that increased funding reaches these climate heroes.

This year’s Ashden Awards celebrate dedicated individuals and organizations who are taking innovative approaches to fight the climate crisis on multiple fronts, demonstrating that with proper support, we can advance a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

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