Chinese Green Energy Firms to Tap into the Growing Kenyan Market

More than 20 Chinese manufacturers of green energy technologies participated in a three-day industrial expo in Kenya, themed “Driving Growth in Kenya’s Manufacturing Sector through Technology.”

Huayang New Energy, a Chinese manufacturer and distributor of solar equipment, expressed interest in partnering with local distributors to make solar solutions more accessible to Kenyan households and businesses. The company cited the growing demand for solar energy in Kenya as more people transition to renewable energy to combat the climate crisis.

According to statistics from Kenya’s Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority, solar energy accounted for 5.53 percent of the 86 percent of electricity generated from renewable sources by 2022.

Shandong Leodar Photoelectric Equipment Company, another Chinese company, also expressed its eagerness to expand business in Kenya, where the demand for solar batteries is growing. The company said that access to affordable and high-quality batteries will be key to connecting off-grid communities in Kenya.

Kenya has been at the forefront of advancing a green economy, which experts say will not only generate new drivers for Kenya’s development but also contribute to addressing the impact of climate change on vulnerable African nations.

At the Orema Power Company Limited stall, Jim Weidong, the sales manager, attended to guests interested in a wide range of charging batteries on display. He found his participation at the expo fruitful and anticipated entering the Kenyan market, where demand for charging batteries to power green mobility is expected to rise.

As demand for home-based solar solutions in Kenya surged, Chinese firms were eager to provide supportive infrastructure and know-how.

Kenya remains an attractive destination for Chinese manufacturers of renewable energy equipment due to the favorable business climate and policy support for the green transition. Gao Wei, the managing director of Afripeak Expo Kenya Limited, the organizer of the industrial expo, revealed that 26 Chinese firms specializing in solar and wind power equipment, as well as battery chargers for electric vehicles, participated in the expo and were expected to sign deals with local agents and distributors.

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