CWP Global Partners with Copenhagen Infrastructure to invest Hydrogen in Africa

The rising green hydrogen sector is attracting investors. This is the case of Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), which has just reached an agreement with energy company CWP Global for investments in Africa, America and Australia. Through its Energy Transition Fund I, CIP is taking a 26.67% stake in CWP Global’s green hydrogen development platform.

This commitment will enable the energy company to continue developing its projects around the world, particularly in Africa. In Mauritania, the company headed by Alex Hewitt is implementing the “Aman” project, which aims to produce 1.7 million tonnes of hydrogen and 10 million tonnes of green ammonia per year for local use and export. To achieve this, CWP plans to develop 30 GW of electricity generation capacity, at a cost of $40 billion.


In Djibouti, CWP has obtained the agreement of the authorities to develop 10 GW of electrolysis capacity based on renewable energies. This underlines the importance of the new partnership with CIP for the development of its infrastructure between now and 2030. “There is a growing sense in the market that significant and evolving demand for green hydrogen is set to take hold in the second half of this decade,” says CWP Global.

Founded in 2012 in the Danish capital Copenhagen, its new partner CIP is one of the largest fund managers dedicated to investing in renewable energies, particularly offshore wind. CIP manages ten funds and to date has raised around €19 billion for investments in energy and related infrastructure from more than 140 international institutional investors.

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