Huawei Digital Power Launches Solar Hybrid Power & Backup Solution to Tackle Power Challenges in Southern Africa

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In response to the intensifying issue of load shedding and rising fuel and electricity prices in Southern Africa, Huawei Digital Power has unveiled new products specifically designed to assist small businesses across the continent during power outages. The launch took place in South Africa, where the company introduced the Huawei Power-S, a seamless solar hybrid power and backup solution tailored for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications.

The Power-S system offers a high-quality hybrid power supply suitable for various scenarios such as farms, malls, hotels, restaurants, banks, offices, campuses, and factories, ranging from 30 kW to 100 kW. It supports multiple energy sources, including photovoltaic (PV), diesel generators (DG), and the grid, enabling seamless power switchover within a rapid 10-millisecond timeframe. This feature ensures an uninterrupted power supply for critical loads like lighting, televisions, and networks, delivering an uninterrupted experience.

One of the notable advantages of Power-S is its all-in-one design, consolidating all components within a single cabinet. This eliminates issues related to large footprints, complex installations, and multi-vendor management associated with traditional solutions. The streamlined design enables easy and quick installation within a single day, reducing installation time, cabling time, and commissioning time by 80%, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Power-S incorporates a modular design, allowing users to flexibly expand battery capacity and power modules to meet specific needs and budgets. This feature helps minimize construction costs over the system’s lifecycle. The Power-S system is designed for easy maintenance, offers a long battery cycle life, supports supercharging, and requires zero civil work, providing customers with a superior power consumption experience.

In the residential sector, Huawei also introduced the Power-M, which features an all-in-one modular design, seamless switchover, and sleep-grade noise reduction, offering households a high-quality electricity experience. Huawei unveiled a new offer for the Power-M system, providing South African consumers with a recommended retail price of R69,999. This offer aims to help residents combat load shedding and offers a range of battery capacity options with attractive discounts. Huawei has also upgraded its official website, FusionSolar 2.0, and its online store to enhance the customer experience.

Huawei is committed to working with partners to bring green power solutions to various industries, providing customers with a high-quality portfolio of sustainable power solutions. With the introduction of Power-S and Power-M, Huawei aims to alleviate the challenges posed by power disruptions, empowering businesses and households to overcome the adverse effects of load shedding and achieve a reliable and efficient power supply.

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