Inspection of turbines using Drones goes global



Drone operator Globhe is partnering up with a global specialised wind turbine blade inspection and analysis platform, with the aim of opening up the potential for the wind industry to automate easy inspections across the board.

The Globhe platform enables the client to do blade inspections in more countries worldwide, taking advantage of the flexibility and global availability of drone operators, according to the company.

The drone operators at Globhe have gathered data in multiple countries across Europe and Africa.

The platform enables clients the use drones in a flexible and scalable manner anywhere in the 132 countries covered.

Drone wind turbine inspections are safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly and allow for frequent and detailed inspections of turbine blades to detect potential issues and perform proactive maintenance, Globe said.

Globhe chief operating officer Napoleon Bergström, said: “Globhe offers a turnkey drone solution available all over the world.

“Our operators have already flown several wind turbine inspection missions, gathering the important data needed for the rotor blade inspection process.

“We offer our wind turbine clients the droning power they need with a few clicks.”

Source; Renews


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