PayGo Energy purchased by Sun King to promote clean cooking in Africa and Asia

Sun King, an off-grid energy company, has bought PayGo Energy, a leader in pay-as-you-go technology for clean cooking, to help families in Africa and Asia switch from wood and charcoal cookstoves to ones that are cleaner and safer.

Sun King wants to make various clean cooking products that LPG, solar energy, electrical grids, and other energy sources can drive. The company will also offer consumer financing so that African and Asian customers can pay for fuel and equipment in small, reasonable payments.

The new Clean Cooking Team at Sun King will work on making a wide range of clean cooking goods and services that fit the different ways people cook and the energy sources they can access.

Sun King’s Series-D funding round brought in $330 million, and the company is quickly growing its pay-as-you-go solar products and delivery network. The company is making its off-grid solar technology more powerful and moving into more African countries.

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