Solar Nigeria to develop 250 GW of solar by 2060 – vice president

The development of renewable energy, especially solar, is at the heart of Nigeria’s Energy Transition Plan, with the country aiming to develop 250 GW of solar capacity by 2060, Nigeria’s vice president Yemi Osinbajo said last week.

The plan recommends the role of gas as a transition fuel to balance large amounts of solar on the grid, he added.

Osinbajo was delivering a lecture at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia focused on the energy transition in Africa.

According to him “Africa’s endowments, renewable energy, natural resources and a young workforce, present a compelling set of circumstances for several pathways to climate-positive growth.”

Osinbajo said that Africa should not be seen merely as a victim but as a solution in the climate change conversations.

He noted Africa’s large technical potential for hydrogen, adding that as green hydrogen costs fall, the continent may become more competitive in a range of derivatives such as ammonia, fertilisers and e-fuels.

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