A Closer Look at Gas Cylinders Tracking

Safety and regulation are paramount in the gas industry to prevent accidents, ensure consumer protection, and maintain industry standards.  In Kenya, recent initiatives to track gas cylinders aim to bolster safety measures and accountability within the sector. The introduction of tracking systems for gas cylinders holds the potential to revolutionize safety practices and enhance regulatory…

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Delving into Kenya Power’s Tenders and Their Impact on Electricity Prices

In the period between July last year and February, businesses owned by youth, women, and people with disabilities saw a significant increase in the value of deals with Kenya Power, surpassing Sh600 million. Kenya Power’s affirmative action tenders have surged to Sh600 million, reflecting a substantial commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the company’s…

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The Rise of Private Sector Investment in Energy with  Sosian Energy Leading the Way

Sosian Energy, a Nairobi-based company, is making strides in Kenya’s renewable energy sector. Recently, the company received approval to construct a 50-Megawatt wind farm in Marsabit. Sosian Energy is a big player in Kenya’s energy sector, especially in renewable energy like geothermal power.  The company, connected to the family of the late President Daniel arap…

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What implications does Egypt’s bid withdrawal have for Africa’s energy future?

Egypt’s decision to withdraw its bid to host the Africa Energy Bank has had significant repercussions in the African energy landscape. This move has sparked a reevaluation of regional energy governance, investment patterns, and policy directions.  The withdrawal, influenced by various factors, has significant implications for Egypt’s energy plans, the regional energy market, other bidders,…

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electricity bill

How will Nigeria’s plan to tripple energy prices affect you?

Nigeria has decided to nearly triple energy prices but will keep subsidies for low-income people. This change is significant for Nigeria’s development and economy. It aims to attract investments, improve energy infrastructure, and boost economic growth while ensuring that energy remains affordable for those who need it most.  This decision shows Nigeria’s effort to address…

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Navigating Kenya Power’s Sustainability Path in the Face of Fresh Competition

The entry of new competitors into Kenya’s energy sector is set to shake up pricing, service quality, and sustainability practices. Competition is expected to force Kenya Power to rethink its pricing strategies, likely leading to lower electricity costs for consumers. Improved service delivery is also anticipated, with companies focusing more on customer support, quicker issue resolution,…

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TEF-backed Agripreneurs

 The Impact of TEF-backed Agripreneurs on African Agriculture

The Tony Elumelu Foundation’s Entrepreneurship Programme has had a significant impact on African agriculture by empowering young agripreneurs across the continent.  By supporting agribusiness ventures, the Foundation is addressing key challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, and the need for innovative agricultural practices in Africa.  The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) plays a crucial role…

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