The World’s First 43MW ASTRO N7s ZBB-TF Mass-Production Unveiled


The ASTRO N7s ZBB-TF solar modules represent a significant advancement in renewable energy. By integrating technologies like low-corrosion paste and LIF, Astronergy boosts solar efficiency. 

These modules stand out with features like ZBB-TF tech and fine-line silver fingers, setting a new standard. Astronergy’s innovation marks a transformative change in solar panel production, ensuring wider access to clean energy globally.

The ASTRO N7s ZBB-TF module integrates advanced technologies, achieving over 23% efficiency. Astronergy’s mass production milestone with ASTRO N7s ZBB-TF marks a substantial renewable energy advancement. 

This achievement showcases Astronergy’s expertise in n-type PV cell technology. The ASTRO N7s ZBB-TF module signifies a significant leap in renewable energy innovation.

ASTRO N7s ZBB-TF’s mass production marks progress toward global clean energy accessibility, offering higher efficiency and reduced emissions.

Astronergy’s milestone signifies a shift toward a greener future, emphasizing sustainability and accessibility in renewable energy solutions.

The mass production of ASTRO N7s solar panels by Astronergy revolutionizes solar technology and enhances global sustainability goals. 

These modules incorporate ZBB-TF technology, achieving over 23% conversion efficiency, setting new industry standards, and improving power output. 

Their manufacturing process reduces silver paste consumption by over 20%, lowering carbon emissions. Astronergy’s advancements cater to diverse global application scenarios, making advanced solar technology more accessible.

The mass production of innovative renewable energy products, like the ASTRO N7s ZBB-TF module, can create jobs and boost the economy.

This solar technology requires various types of roles, including manufacturing, research and development, and installation and maintenance. 

It leads to job growth, offers diverse job roles, and provides sustainable employment. Overall, it drives technological advancements and fosters job creation, positively impacting employment and the economy.


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The adoption of ASTRO N7s ZBB-TF tech in Astronergy’s panels offers environmental benefits. It reduces carbon emissions through lower-temperature manufacturing and thinner wafers, achieving over 20% emission reduction. 

The technology enhances sustainability by eliminating gaps, boosting efficiency, and improving overall sustainability. With modules exceeding 23% conversion efficiency, ASTRO N7s ZBB-TF tech promotes energy efficiency and supports sustainability goals, advancing solar innovation.

ASTRO N7s ZBB-TF solar panel technology promotes energy independence. Astronergy’s innovation achieves high efficiency above 23% by using Zero Bus Bar and Tilling Film methods. 

This technology reduces carbon emissions and silver paste usage, making solar panel production more sustainable. Ideal for distributed generation and residential markets, it offers reliable clean energy, reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

The ASTRO N7s ZBB-TF modules by Astronergy revolutionize renewable energy with cutting-edge technology. They incorporate ZBB-TF tech, enhancing carrier collection and boosting efficiency. 

Fine-line silver fingers and narrow soldering copper ribbons improve power output and aesthetics. They’re compatible with thinner silicon wafers, reducing silver paste consumption and carbon emissions. 

The modules boast high aesthetics and reliability, resisting potential-induced degradation and micro-cracks. Their environmental sustainability and long-term reliability contribute to a greener future.

Astronergy’s ASTRO N7s ZBB-TF mass production transforms renewable energy, promoting support for similar innovations. Boasting over 23% efficiency, the technology establishes a new norm, improving solar panel aesthetics and power. 

Astronergy’s market-oriented strategy and swift n-type solar product advancement address worldwide customer needs. The ASTRO N7s ZBB-TF modules assure better performance, sustainability, and top-tier standards in solar power generation.

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