Government Proposes Solar Power to End Load Shedding in South Africa

South Africa grapples with a persistent power crisis, marked by frequent blackouts – a phenomenon known locally as “load shedding.”  This energy shortage stems from the limitations of Eskom, the state-owned power utility. Eskom struggles to meet the country’s growing demand for electricity due to a combination of factors.  Aging infrastructure, a legacy of past…

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Ensuring Fuel Quality and Safeguarding Vehicles: EPRA’s Response to Flooding in Kenya.

Heavy rains and flooding in Kenya have not only disrupted daily life but also posed significant challenges to the country’s energy infrastructure. Fuel stations, crucial for keeping vehicles on the road, have been particularly affected, raising concerns about fuel quality and vehicle safety.  In response to this crisis, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA)…

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Accelerating Renewable Energy Development

Accelerating renewable energy development is crucial for enhancing energy security, promoting environmental sustainability, and fostering economic growth.  Reports, such as the IEA’s analysis on renewables, emphasize transitioning to renewable sources to combat climate change.  Similarly, the Nature Conservancy’s vision highlights the need to achieve global energy targets through this transition. Cross-border energy trade is key…

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EWSETA’s Specialized Training Program in Renewable Energy and Water Management

The Energy & Water Sector Education Training Authority (EWSETA) is dedicated to preparing individuals for success in the fields of renewable energy and water management.  Their specialized training program aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in these critical areas. EWSETA stresses renewable energy and water management for a sustainable…

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Schneider Electric Kenya Appoints Ifeanyi Odoh as the new Country President 

With a strategic shift in Schneider Electric Kenya’s leadership, Ifeanyi Odoh brings his trailblazing experience to shape the company’s future endeavors. Throughout his tenure as Vice President, Ifeanyi Odoh spearheaded incubating sustainability and new energy concepts in SouthEast Asia.  His track record reflects a consistent ability to innovate. Odoh’s leadership is characterized by a strong…

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Cape Town's solar payout

How Cape Town’s solar payout fosters energy independence

Cape Town’s innovative solar payout initiative compensates residents for surplus solar energy, aiming to decentralize electricity generation and improve the energy grid’s resilience. This program is part of a broader strategy to address severe blackouts in South Africa, enhancing energy independence.  By incentivizing solar energy production, the city plans to add up to 1 gigawatt…

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EAIF Commits $30 Million for AXIAN Energy's Renewable Vision

Transforming Africa: AXIAN Energy’s Utility-Scale Solar Initiatives

AXIAN Energy underwent a strategic transition in 2017, aligning its trajectory with the global shift towards renewable energy. This forward-thinking approach positions AXIAN Energy at the forefront of Africa’s renewable energy revolution. EAIF’s Strategic Support The $30 million loan facility from EAIF is not just a financial injection; it is a catalyst for AXIAN Energy’s…

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Dar and Sun Africa Partner on Energy Transition and Sustainable Development in Africa

Global design and engineering firm Dar Al-Handasah and renewable energy specialist Sun Africa have solidified their partnership with a new memorandum of understanding (MoU). This agreement strengthens their commitment to collaborating on energy transition and sustainable development initiatives across Africa, with a focus on projects in Angola and Nigeria. The initial collaboration will see Dar…

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